Increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, retain customers with Duvim Chat. Chat seamlessly, respond quickly from anywhere, anytime and any device. You can learn from every chat with advanced data tools. No chat is wasted and you will be able to improve continuously with chat transcripts.


We provide a custom solution for every team size. With Duvim you will be able to:


● Respond quickly without delay

● Pay attention to the customers

● Provide offline support

● Answer automatically with pre-set triggers

Duvim helps you to improve sales and support:


● Live Dashboards helps you to get up-to-date chat metrics, customer feedback and improvise.

● Get customized ( weekly, monthly or daily) email reports directly to your inbox.

● With analytics integration, get a richer view of your sales funnels.

Duvim Chat is :


● Seamless

● Hassle-free

● Effective

With Duvim’s sophisticated & intuitive tools, you can engage with the customers at the precise moment. It helps in


● Increasing sales

● Retaining customers

● Providing better support


  • >> No agents limit
  • >> No websites limit
  • >> Unlimited chats
  • >> Advanced widget customization
  • >> Seamless integration
  • >> Safe and secure
  • >> Chat transcripts
  • >> File transfer
  • >> Canned responses
  • >> Chat notifications
  • >> Real-time analytics
  • >> Visitor tracking
  • >> CSV exports
  • >> 24*7 support