Within the world of the publishing industry, the competition is getting tougher. With the rising cost and the technology that keep moving forward rapidly, publisher these day have to be able to manage to be the company that stands out in this industry. Not only is printing or publishing matters for this industry but also advertisement and customer service are very essential for the company because these predicatments are what make people recognize your company and to be known as one of the best publisher in the industry.


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Financial crisis hits many industries all over the world even in publishing industry. Competition in the market became fierce and only the strongest will survive. Even though publishing industry is a fast moving business that represents an ongoing revolution, new strategies, assistances and techniques should be add for better amelioration. This revolution might also be considered as the future business operations. Publishers have not only offers books for brain but also inspired people lifestyle, lighten up the society and push forward the world of business.

Case Study

Your Challenge:

1st EXAMPLE: A publishing company was hired by one of the Thai Export company to design and print-out a mass product labels in both Thai and English language for exporting purposes. The problem occurs when the lable of the product was mistranslated and incorrectly printed, as it did not give a clear information of the product’s use. The instructions on the bottle were even less helpful which cause a high level of disatisfaction amongst the customer.

2nd EXAMPLE: Every company is looking forward to expanding their market, one way or the other. But, what is the most common method used for marketing? Now-a-days, both website and print-out are equally important. Regardless, many company wants their profiles, services and products to be known internationally, not only domestically.

Our Solution:

Why don’t you let us help you out? Sodlan Tech publishing service team are always ready for you. Whether its a content writing, traslating, or data input, Sodlan Tech have all the resource available to accomplish the job for you. What your company want is a good content in your website that can represent you and your product effectively. It’s good that your company is well known within your country, but wouldn’t it be better if your company is known world wide? – Anything you want from contents writing to the website creating, we got everything covered.

    • Providing skilled multilingual translator?that help your company to have achievement in the industry.
    • Deep understand in different language origin and culture to avoid any sensitive point in the translation.
    • Our team provide effective translation, that can convey the message effectively to the target customers.
    • Fast & accurate work is what we’ll be offering to the task we are given. We assure you, we’ll get it done.


A proper instruction, clearly printed lables, and a correct translation will assured your customer re-buy. With our support, your company will be known globally, in as much different language as you wanted. We are creative and positive visionary – we make every step of every process counts.

Sodlan Tech provides us a very professional and quality work. They delivered world class professional work, on time , and on budget like they promised.”

Roger M., Riverside Publisher

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