One of the fastest growing businesses in the technological information oriented era is the communication industry. Due to the immense growth of the communication industry, challenges like the constant strain of diminishing the cost of production while maintaining revenue and growth standards is prominent. In order to operate, the communication industry has shifted its focus from technology infrastructure to value added services and business models.


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Due to the rapidly growing of communication technology these days, the communication service provider company has to be able to handle technology fast, at the same time has to keep up the customer service and satisfaction. In order to stay at the top of this industry the company has to be able to provide the best service, customer service, and technical support along with an up to date technology.

Case Study

Your Challenge:

1st EXAMPLE: Telecommunication is considered to be one of the fast growing industries in the world. As large as they are, they are also having the same problems as other companies. Investing money in hiring employee and upgrade the equipment doesn’t seems to be a problem for the industry that big. But, time is the key. Why would you want to take time to trained new employees, when you can have professional doing it for less cost?

Our Solution:

Need help retaining customer, survey, or lead generation for you telecommunication business? You got it! At Sodlan Tech, we already have an expert, our team have a good knowledge of how to communicate effectively to get what’s needed for customers. Don’t worry about paying more than you need to. Just relax and let us do the job, we guarantee that each penny will be utilized.

Key services provided by Sodlan Tech include:

    • We put more customer on your list and save more money in your pocket.
    • Conduct a survey for your customer given suggestion in-order for you to enhance your product or service.
    • Save your money. Don’t hire more people. Let us do the job and we’ll make sure it’ll be worth your money.


Sodlan Tech can help your company improve the revenue without hiring more staff. We are not asking you to pay more than you need to. But, if you could get more productivity out of what you are looking forward to get? from your staff, wouldn’t you not? With Sodlan Tech, we are striving to go beyound your expectation. Your “excellent” is our job.

…by leveraging the capabilities of Sodlan Tech, we will take our customers’ experience to the next level. We chose Sodlan Tech as our partner because they bring a deep understanding of customer needs, have a track record of operational excellence and most importantly, are aligned to our values.”

Tim L., Star Telecom

Our range of services includes Telemarketing & Telesales, Market research & surveys, Sales & Lead generation, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Customer service & support, Technical support, Phone support, Order processing, Data entry, Personal assistant, Web research, Business Website Development, Email response handling and more.