The Shipping & Logistics industry is one of the lead indicators of economic performance. In the result of the fast growing business and changes in the past few years, the transportation industry have developed the ability to anticipate evolving customer needs, adapt to change, address both opportunities and uncertainty to drive better business outcomes and incomes.


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The?Shipping & Logistics industry is the fastest growing industry in most countries economics; it reflects the economic growth as well as a direct linked to globalization. To survive and prosper in a volatile economy, traveling and transporting companies must be committed to three primary areas ? customer satisfaction, operational (cost) efficiency, and innovation. But with the limited resources of each company that makes it hard to manage everything that the industry needs.

Case Study

Your Challenge:

1st EXAMPLE: An international shipping industry was experiencing massive growth; a major player needed a solution to process documents as quickly and accurately as it delivered packages. The importance of documents along with the global nature of the company?s business, required distributed scanning/imaging as well as short and long term archival. To meet its increasing global document processing needs, the company needed to process multiple document types in various languages, all with a tight turnaround time.

Our Solution:

To achieve operational efficiency of the client, we implemented our own method and tools, which enable data capture, processing and storage, while eliminating cumbersome processing from disparate facilities. We capture data from physical documents and electronically send them to the appropriate shipping company to be billed. As export/import documents are scanned, they?re immediately sent to a brokerage house for pre-processing allowing the package to move through customs more efficiently. Also, as part of our solution, we provide both short and long term of the client?s document with easy web access


We?ve built an excellent relationship with the client by delivering, maintaining and improving key outsourcing solutions. With our own special method and tools has helped our client to be able to improve its business process.

?Managing thousands of clients document is a heavy work so that?s why we need assistance. Unfortunately others services providers companies cannot provide the exact quality as we have mention.? Sodlan Tech provide the smooth, fast and precise works for our company.? The professional way that they demonstrate to us is unforgettable and all promises by the company were met.”

Thomas Voo, ACT Logistic Co.

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