orkings in a professional way to keep customer’s level of satisfaction high, as well as solving problems as requested by the customer is what Sodlan Tech inbound services is concentrated to do. Our services have the capacity to handle customer’s problems efficiently and effectively. We are well experienced in the field of service to ensure high level of satisfaction and happiness to your customer with our service. We offer our services in areas, such as: In-Coming Customer Service, Email & Chat Support, Help Desk, Order Taking, Business Answering Service, Event Registration and etc.

  • Help Desk
    Technical support services offer aid to the IT product user’s. We solve your complication.Read more
  • Customer Service
    Providing our customers with a positive and helpful solution. We always work courteously. Read more
  • Order Taking
    With our outstanding facilities and equipment we will be able to process your order on-time. Read more
  • Email & Chat Support
    Too many emails to handle? Our email & chat support team can reply timely and effectively. Read more
  • Business Answering Service
    We respond and keep track your messages for you. No more late meeting or missing appointment.” Read more
  • Event Registration
    Event registration for important events? Sodlan Tech guarantee, no one will be missing from the party. Read more
Commitment with our partner

Your Problems Our Solutions?Sodlan Tech deliver timely, relevant and world class outsourcing services, which plays an essential part of Sodlan Tech foundation. Our brilliant agents are able to provide excellent services; our representatives are ones that will grasp success and reputation for our customer’s company. Apart from Sodlan Tech great human resources facilities, our facilities and technologies in the call center fields are places amongst the top leagues in the country. Our company is comprised with up-to-date technologies that will guarantee a better service that reflect outstanding capacity in providing service for our client. At Sodlan Tech, we insist on placing importance in designing correct plan, following exact procedures, utilizing high technology program, using the right person in the right work, performing only “excellent” service for client

We look forward to working with you enabling you to concentrate on your core business, Outsourcing business processes enables companies to reduce operating cost, optimize revenues, concentrate on their main business objectives whilst also enhancing customer loyalty.

Our range of services includes Telemarketing & Telesales, Market research & surveys, Sales & Lead generation, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Customer service & support, Technical support, Phone support, Order processing, Data entry, Personal assistant, Web research, Business Website Development, Email response handling and more.