Presently the entertainment industry is the industry that deal with all kinds of changes e.g. technology, fashions, trends, cultures, and etc. and to keep up with all these changes will have to use a lot of manpower, resources, and raising cost. It?s not easy to stay on top of this industry the company has to be smart on minimizing the cost and at the same time earn customer loyalty.


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Media and Entertainment industry is facing immense challenges due to maintain customer loyalties, reduced budgets, new technology, plenty of free and user generated content and convergence of content providers. In order to stay well in this industry you will need to have a partner who can assist you and moving forward with you along the way in this fast-changing of technology world.


Case Study

Your Challenge:

1st EXAMPLE: The Project was undertaken for data entry and data processing of a survey conducted by radio stations to understand the time spent by listeners on their programs. The survey had detailed questions regarding what were the start times and the end times for listening to various stations and what was their preferred program. The project required high degree of accuracy, as any missing data would lead to misinterpretation of results. Another challenge faced was at the time of data entry, as the survey was hand written and misinterpretation of letters could take place.

Our Solution:

We were able to provide our clients with the highest degree of accuracy and were able to give them a comprehensive report on the survey conducted by them. The accurate details on the listening patterns of the users, their most preferred stations were clearly recorded. Availability of highly qualified skill pool and faster adoption of well-defined business processes lead to higher productivity gains without compromising on quality.

Specific software was chosen and adapted in order to make the project more effective and meet the turnaround time requirements. The various features of the software were data capturing, which is done automatically, then a double verification is carried out to maintain 100% accuracy followed by a QC and a remote QC check and after which the transmission takes place.


The various benefits to the client were high accuracy of data and Data interpretation and it saved considerable amount of time by the company in interpreting these data.

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''J.J.' Romeo Carlos, VISION Maker

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