An intelligent Telemarketing service is an incredibly effective method of generating sales growth. Telemarketing enables you to target not only the right type of companies but importantly to deliver your sales proposition to the right person within these businesses. Sodlan Tech’s select only highly skilled Field-based, internal, and Technical Sales personal. Our teams are an effective resource and expertise in what we do. Sodlan Tech teams are professional; their outsourced Telemarketing service will build your brand and market awareness by engaging with your prospects on a regular basis. This will maximize the effectiveness of the result, as they can concentrate on converting warm and hot, pre-qualified prospects into profitable customers.

Why Sodlan Tech ?

Your Problems Our Solutions – Sodlan Tech deliver timely, relevant and world class outsourcing services, this is at the heart of Sodlan Tech and an essential part of our foundation.

Our expertise had a clear goal: to increase new business revenue through new customer acquisition. We convince your potential customer to buy merchandise/goods or to otherwise change their minds or actions. Sodlan Tech teams use relevant information and vital judgment to establish the best impression to customers. There are various parameters to ensure you of our work qualities. The training program, group and individual coaching in the product and service is the core of the process that we make to ensure the increasing of sales.

    • Getting Information.
    • Documenting/Recording Information.
    • Making Decisions and Solving Problems.
    • Analyzing Data or Information.
    • Thinking creatively.
    • Evaluating Information to Determine Compliance with Standards.
Outsourcing telemarketing services?from a reliable telemarketing company gives you the benefits of in-house telemarketing without the overhead on facilities, training, and maintenance. Outsourcing also allows in-house sales staffs to focus on core business competencies and values, which translate into real business. Sodlan Tech are providing you with the bridge to link that gap. We have the right facility that is top of the line. We ensured the confidentiality of your information as well as to deliver your work in a timely fashion together with outstanding quality result.

    • Good Training Facility
    • Top Lines Computer & Communication technology
    • High Data Security Parameters
    • Convenient Business Location
    • Professional Environment
    • Top Grade Equipments
    The idea that outsourced telemarketing services is little else but raw dialing power has caused many to doubt the credibility of some telemarketing companies. Knowing their own products more intimately than anyone else, some organizations assume that they have everything they need to run their own in- house telemarketing campaign more effectively than others. However, success in telemarketing requires much more than that.

    • Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources.
    • Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.
    • Identifying the main principles, reasons, and facts of information by summarizing information.

    Industry Expertise

    Sodlan Tech provide and ensured “absolute solution” for client’s business results. Our employee consist of a diverse and professional group of people whose expertise in providing a unique services to many of industrial sector.

    Need to promote new printed media quickly and efficiently? Sodlan Tech telemarketing team are well trained for this job.

    Media and Entertainment
    Want to have more reputation in the media and entertainment industry? Contact us for having the best telemarketing solution job.

    Sodlan Tech has far exceeded our expectations. Their philosophy to read around the script, and to connect with the customer, makes Sodlan Tech unique and very effective. Moreover, their rates are very competitive. With the quality of their services, and their prices, you will certainly get the best value for your dollar.

    Erick J., MTC? Company.

    Our range of services includes Telemarketing & Telesales, Market research & surveys, Sales & Lead generation, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Customer service & support, Technical support, Phone support, Order processing, Data entry, Personal assistant, Web research, Business Website Development, Email response handling and more.