t Sodlan Tech we offer our client the service that?s covering every aspect of the business. Our internal service team is capable of processing your data input as accurately and as fast as you requested. We provide our service in the area, such as: Data Entry, Survey Data Processing, and etc.

  • Data Mining
    Gathering information is essential. In today information age – data ‘is’ the key to success.Read more
  • Data Entry
    Accurate, timely and professional in the??managing your valuable?data and information. Read more
  • Virtual Assistant
    Help taking your important calls or email whenever you are not available. No more late meeting.Read more
  • Web Development
    Creative & Precise, key to Sodlan Tech web designing team. We guaranteed you a SEO standard. Read more
  • Multilingual Translation
    We are providing quick and precise translation service. No mistranslation guaranteed. Read more
  • Business Consulting
    Providing clever and experienced business consultant that drive your business to the front line. Read more
Commitment with our partner

Your Problems Our Solutions ? Sodlan Tech deliver timely, relevant and world class outsourcing services, this is at the heart of Sodlan Tech and an essential part of our foundation. Only brilliant agents is able to perform excellent service, we are that kind of representatives that will grap success and reputation for your company. Apart from Sodlan Tech priceless human resources, our facilities and technologies in the call center field is also place in the first rating position in the country. We have up to date technologies which provide better service that reflect outstanding capacity in providing service for our client. At Sodlan Tech, we insist on placing importance in designing correct plan, following in the exact process, utilizing high technology program, using the right person in the right work, performing only ?excellent? service for client.

We look forward to working with you enabling you to concentrate on your core business, Outsourcing business processes enables companies to reduce operating cost, optimize revenues, concentrate on their main business objectives whilst also enhancing customer loyalty.

Our range of services includes Telemarketing & Telesales, Market research & surveys, Sales & Lead generation, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Customer service & support, Technical support, Phone support, Order processing, Data entry, Personal assistant, Web research, Business Website Development, Email response handling and more.